Six characteristics of Zhongshan led wall washing lamp

2020-10-13 395

  Through the LED wall washing lamp connected with optics and control, the light breaks the constraints of point and line, and the "smooth surface" appears, which pours on the external wall of the building from top to bottom. The color of the light curtain can be changed, and the light illumination can be mutated, active and different in depth. The 470nm water blue light source is allocated to create a water wave effect and give a sense of motion. The exterior wall of your building can be loomed in the colorful "water wave", which makes the building more artistic and lively.

  The six characteristics of LED wall washing lamp are as follows:

  1. According to the voltage and power selection, led wall lamp irradiation distance is determined by its output power, the conventional power mainly includes: 18W, 36W and 48W. The higher the power, the longer the distance. The higher the power, the greater the output voltage required. The voltage of LED wall washing lamp is DC and AC. Generally, it is built-in ac22v, external DC12V, DC24V, dc27v, etc. The power of the wall lamp can be adjusted in a certain range to facilitate the adjustment effect.

  2. When selecting the wall washing lamp, pay attention to its IP protection level parameters. This is an important parameter affecting the quality of its application. IP protection above 65 are good quality LED wall lights. Of course, the whole mass is also related to other parameters, such as pressure resistance, fragmentation resistance, high temperature resistance, etc.

  3. Color and color temperature: wall washing lamps are generally divided into seven colors, full-color and monochrome, and the color temperature is controlled at 2700-7000k.


  4. Luminous angle: the LED wall washing lamp has three kinds of luminous angles: narrow (20 degrees), medium (50 degrees) and wide (120 degrees). At that time, the far useful projection distance of the high-power LED wall washing lamp (narrow angle) of Baite lighting was 5-10 meters.

  5. Working temperature: the wall washing lamp works outdoors generally, so its working temperature becomes important. If you can't accept too high temperature, then the practicability will be greatly reduced! Standard led wall washing lamp outdoor work stability, generally controlled in - 40 degrees - 60 degrees.

  6. Control method: now the control method of wall lamp is divided into two kinds, which are internal control and external control. Internal control is to design the program directly inside the lamp, which can not be adjusted externally, and the lighting effect is fixed and unchangeable. The external control is to connect the controller outside the LED wall washing lamp, through which the irradiation effect can be adjusted. Users can choose the control method in more detail.

  Zhongshan led wall lamp

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