What installation precautions does Zhongshan led wall lamp have

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  Nowadays, led wall washing lamps have been invested in lighting projects, such as the wall lighting of corporate buildings, government buildings, and the wall lighting of pre historic buildings. The scale involved is also more and more extensive, from indoor to outdoor, from partial lighting to all lighting, which are the progress and development of grades. In the next few years, led wall washing lamps will become indispensable in lighting projects a part.

  Led wall washing lamp, high-power outdoor waterproof line lamp, linear colorful external wall projection lamp, can satisfy all kinds of lighting decoration requirements, has the characteristics of waterproof, rainproof and lightning protection, selects imported chip, highlights stable, green product, durable. Led wall washing lamp is divided into yellow light, warm color, white light, cold color, warm white color, blue light, green light, and colorful light source. It is a common product of large-scale field engineering. Therefore, the installation requirements of the product are also very strict, otherwise the common function of lamps and lanterns can not be produced.

  Through the control of the built-in microchip, led wall washing lamp can be used without controller in small engineering applications, and can complete dynamic functions such as gradual change, jump change, color flashing, random flashing, gradual change replacement, etc., and it can also complete chasing, scanning and other functions through the control of DMX. In recent years, led wall washing lamps have been widely used in various places, such as the wall lighting of corporate buildings, the lighting of government buildings, single buildings, external wall lighting of former historical buildings, interior and exterior lighting of buildings, indoor lighting, greening scene lighting, billboard lighting, medical and civilization lighting. Bars, dance halls and other places, such as atmosphere lighting, involved in the scale of more and more extensive, from indoor to outdoor, from partial lighting to now all lighting, are the progress and development of the level.

  Nowadays, led wall washing lamp has been widely used in the field lighting engineering. In the next few years, led wall washing lamp will become an indispensable part of the field lighting project.


  Before installing the LED wall lamp, please refer to the engineering wiring diagram carefully. Please follow the installation process and precautions below.

  1. The connection between the off-line / on-line controller and the sub controller is 80 meters in length.

  2. There are 8 output ports on the offline controller; each output port has 172 pixels. Each output port can be provided with 300m (length of lamp and length of connecting wire).

  3. 16 / 12 lamps are connected in series, if more than 16 / 12, please add power input line (with special 3-way).

  4. The total power of each branch should not be greater than 80% of the total power of the switching power supply.

  5. The power output bus is not more than 50 meters, with power supply in the middle and scattered around.

  6. Please turn off the power supply before installation to avoid electric shock due to improper operation.

  7. Before installation, please check whether the voltage marked on the wall washing lamp is common with the input voltage to be connected, so as to avoid damaging the LED wall washing lamp.

  8. In order to ensure the service life of the product, please do not use it in the place where the acid mist is thick; pay attention to shockproof during installation and transportation.

  9. Before installation, make sure that the installation orientation can accept 10 times the weight of the product, and it is installed in a flat place without vibration, shaking and fire hazard.

  10. If the lamp body wire is damaged, please stop using immediately.

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