Various performance introduction of Zhongshan led wall washing lamp

2020-10-13 355

  In some special environments, in order to create a certain atmosphere, the wall washing lamp often needs to have a certain lighting effect. However, the traditional lighting effect can not achieve the lighting effect we want. Therefore, they may carry out actual planning combined with various scenes. However, when planning, they can satisfy the actual needs of customers What kind of effect can the wall washing you need to achieve? Communicate with relevant manufacturers. Zhongshan led wall washing lamp manufacturers will plan according to their own needs. In this way, they can also be used in various scenes.

  In the production time will also produce different colors of products, and different customers in the purchase of wall washing lamps on their color requirements, after all, different colors bring about different environmental atmosphere, then in this case, we should be satisfied with the lighting needs of different areas, for example, if it is inside the building, then basically all the choices are some comparison Transparent lighting, if it is a billboard, the choice is some colorful lighting, if it is some medical or cultural fields, they choose some lighting with other colors.


  Wall washing lamp is closely related to the innovation of many people. With the acceleration of the diversity of the motherland, street lights gradually step into the vision of many people with their advantages such as lighting, low cost of formwork, good energy characteristics, rapid action, high seismic capacity, long life and green environmental protection. It has become an advanced energy-saving light source which has the advantages of replacing the traditional light source in China. Therefore, the customized street lamp for wall washing lamp will become a shining Festival It's better to choose the one with provincial training.

  A good high-power wall washing lamp must be driven by high-quality and high-power output power, LED light source with high luminous efficiency and radiator, and the combination of three parts. If it is not matched with the light source, it can not produce good luminous power. If the drive and light source generate heat, it will lose a lot of energy and power. As we all know, the heat dissipation conditions of high-power wall washing lamp are determined With the life of LED lamps, no matter how good the driving power and light source are used, and the heat dissipation is not good, even if the initial luminous efficiency of the lamps and lanterns is high, the light will soon fade, leading to the failure of normal use.

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